Surf lessons while in Basque Country

If you are planning on a trip to the South of France, the Basque Country to be more precise, life is very laid back, easy going, magnificent backdrops and scenary and also love their sports. Obviously the Atlantic Ocean is a maon attraction so any water sport is a thing, from surfing to waterboarding, if you have the cahnce to get further out, take a sking trip in the Pyrénnes, another alternative is to embrace the Basque culture and have a go at the local sport, that is called the pelotte, sort of a sport thats similar to squash. Rafting is also a thing, you can indulge in the marvelous views of the montains while you treck through the waters of the Pyrennes. Another idea would be a good hike or even just a simple walk through the different areas of the Basque Country.

If you do opt to go for the surfboarding, the place to go is the Surf Schhol in Bidart, the best place for any lever, from beginer to an experienced surfer, drop in and give it a try, even if it is just to rent a board if you are an accomplished surfer. The Surf School will look after you, you will be in good hands, these people surf just about on a daily basis so don't hesitate, just get in touch or go there straight away, the place is called Bidart, a nice little picturesque place in the heart of the Basque country not far from the majestic town of Biarritz. So don't forget book your Surf lesson Bidart with the Surf school and enjoy your trip !

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